Qmail NMX (version 0.1.1)
Installation Guide

Table of Contents

1. About this document
2. Requirements
3. Installation
4. System Configuration
5. Reporting Problems

1. About this Document

This document provides the instructions necessary for installing Qmail NMX. Familiarity with UNIX and network administration are required (previous knownledge about DNS configuration is useful too).

2. Requirements

Below is a list of the projects requirements:

3. Installation

All you need to do to perform a complete installation is to execute the "installation program". The installation program is shell script that unpacks the original source files from the distro tarball and executes the steps below:

As described above you will need to execute installation program. The installation program is the distro file previous downloaded by you. To execute it, please type the following commands:

Note: "shell>" is only used by reference in this document! Don't type it!

3.1. Choosing an installation type

At this moment you will be prompted for which installation type you want to perform. Currently there are two different installation types:

3.2. Program installation

In this step you will be prompted for which module you want to install. Note that if you say "no" for a specific module, the program will proceed without installing it. Below is a list of which programs that will be installed:

4. System Configuration

4.1 Managing System Administrators Account

Introduced within this project, all system administrators needs to be under qmail group to perform the administration tasks. At this moment, edit your /etc/group file like shown in the example below:

Note: This procedure could be wrong for your system. Check your system documentation for the appropriate procedures.

4.1. Hostname

As older Qmail configuration, the mail node name is configured under /var/qmail/control/me file. By default, this file is fulfilled with your server name in FQDN (Full Qualified Domain Name) format. Confirm if its content was fullfilled correctly.

4.2. Creating an domain

By default, the system will not create any domain until you peform this task by your hand. To do so, type the command below:

Note: The nmx-domain program is under /var/qmail/bin. At this moment, we recommend you to put it in your PATH environment.

5. Reporting Problems

If you have any problem related with the procedures described here or bugs to report, post it in qmailnmx-users@lists.sourceforge.net mailing list. Don't forget to put all information about your system.