Qmail NMX Project

Welcome! Qmail NMX is the Qmail based distribution bundled by community to provide features to handle high volume environments. Features like high availability, scalability and easy administration are todays' requirements. If you want to figure out how this project works, take a look at the architecture overview picture.


April 08, 2004 - Qmail NMX Development Team is proud to announce the release of Qmail NMX 0.1.1. In this release, the installation scripts were totally rewritten, improving the project's portability (added support to SunOS 5.8).


This project is available under BSD License. Qmail like any other D.J.Berstein's software has it own license (for more information about it, please visit the authors website at http://cr.yp.to).


Mailing Lists

Below are the current mailing lists available for this project

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